Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Twofer

It was one of those weeks where I told myself over and over make sure you blog about this, but as procrastination would have it (or laziness - take your pick) I've now managed to get behind on my "must blog about" list.  Solution to this problem?  Cram everything into one - much like my packing solution.

First on the list - Mattie J.

What are the chances I would have not one...but TWO colicky babies?  As of November 23rd that's what I've been so desperately asking.  Mattie progressively went from being fussy a few hours at night to being incredibly fussy whenever she was awake, night or day.  Her night time fussiness also escalated to violent crying and in 2-3 hour sessions.  I really thought I was gonna have a few violent crying sessions myself.  Talk about a deja vu nightmare...

Here it is December 5th and Mattie is gradually getting back to her happy self.  She still has fussy periods both night and day but they are completely consolable.  We think Mattie is allergic/sensitive to dairy which I now have eliminated from my diet.  I did this early on too, like in the second week, because she was spitting up quite a bit.  To remedy this our pediatrician suggested dairy elimination and making sure to feed her as upright as possible.  While I definitely saw an improvement in her spitting up, I wasn't completely sold on the dairy idea.  So I pulled a brilliant move and decided dairy was fine and completely overdosed on it over Thanksgiving - I'm thinking that's where it went all wrong and we've been paying for it ever since.  It will probably take another week or so before we can truly assess the situation - but we are seeing a move in the right direction.  Hallelujah - No Evan Jr.

Second on the list - Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade

Today was the coldest day since our move from Florida and we decided to spend a good part of it outside.  With the day's high only in the 40's, we had to make a point to layer on the clothing since none of us own any acceptable outerwear yet.

Murrells Inlet held their Christmas festivities which included a parade, the Christmas tree lighting and a meet and greet with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  The parade took place while there was still some sun shining so we camped out roadside with Evan and Mattie to take part before the cold weather became intolerable.  Evan managed to score more candy during this parade than he did the entire Halloween weekend.  I probably don't need to explain how his behavior has been the past few hours, but our day spent together far outweighs any sugar high/crash.

You know you're in the south when the parade participants resemble this...


Score said...

The parade looks like fun! Glad Mattie is getting better for you.

Kylie said...

Oh Amanda.... Oh dear. I had no idea Mattie had started to get colicky! I hope things get better asap and you can figure out a solution! Thinking about you!

jack said...

Hopefully this experience didn't make you start sniffing glue again. I'm concerned. Do we need to plan an intervention.