Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Girl

We have experienced three consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Well, Robert has at least.  It seems Mattie is already sleeping through the night  - and I'm not talking 6 or 7 hours - more like 9 or 10.  What parent wouldn't be throwing out a few "hell yeahs" about that?  I do, however, still have to get up to pump so I don't interfere with my milk supply, but I'm still thrilled that we have already reached this milestone.

Next step is to get Mattie sleeping those long, peaceful hours in her crib.  As of right now she only seems comfortable and at ease in bed next to me.  I have literally trained myself to lie completely still on my side in order to make enough room for both Mattie and Robert.  Many times I wake up with cramps and pains in my back and legs from tensing up my entire body to prevent any possibility of rolling over on her.  I am ready and willing to give all that up.  To the crib the baby goes - doo da, doo da.

First night in the crib was successful ( I'm referring to the mini crib we have in our bedroom)!  Mattie slept 9 straight hours once again.


Score said...

Yay! I'm so glad she transitioned well to the crib!

Kylie said...

now that's just gloating :) and yes I'm envious of this milestone. it's just not fair.