Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays From the Stinnetts

We officially start our Christmas holiday tomorrow as we hit the road and head west to Tennessee.  We will be spending a week visiting Robert's family and making it back home just in time for Christmas.  I usually try my hardest to get Christmas cards out, but this year I fell behind - and far behind at that.  I was proud of myself for even getting our decorations up before we leave tomorrow.

But, as always, the guilt of not sending out cards was eating at me so here's what I consider the next best thing:  a virtual Christmas card.  Most of you will receive this in an email, but if you fail to receive one it's probably because I don't have your email in my address book.  My apologies.

This picture was the best of many attempts.  It's amazing how much effort it takes to get a two year old to sit and smile on command.



Score said...

Cute! Was this the self-timer or Mimi? I'm hoping the Christmas cards I ordered will come today so I can send them out.

Sarah said...

are there any good outtakes? Emailed you before I read this post, now I know the answer to my question.

albina N muro said...

chack out this ~! singles holidays