Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Claus is in the House

When I got a newsletter from Evan's teacher last week stating their class would be performing in the school's Christmas program I literally laughed out loud.  I have been anxiously awaiting today's event all week and let me tell you - it definitely did not disappoint.

The two year old class was third on the roster of performances.  So while we waited we listened to the three year old class sing holiday favorites such as This Little Light of Mine and Happy Birthday, Jesus and also watched the toddlers sway back and forth to another Christmas tune.  Finally the two year olds took the stage and I seriously about lost it!

The performance was kept a secret by Evan's teachers so we were not sure what to expect.  As the class climbed the stairs to the stage I finally spotted Evan after scanning the class over and over again - I was having so much difficulty because Evan was hidden underneath a Santa beard and hat.  He walked onto the stage and literally just stood back and blankly stared at the audience.

Once his teacher was able to get his attention she motioned for him to move to the front of the stage with the others.  The kids were doing a sign language interpretation of Donde Esta Santa?  They have been learning Spanish and sign language since the beginning of school.  Evan ROCKED!  He danced, or should I say bounced, through the entire performance.  He waved his hands around doing what was supposed to be sign language - not that I would really be able to understand any way.  I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.  Most of the blurriness in these pictures is from me shaking while I was trying to take them.

The funniest part about this whole experience is that Robert and my mom were standing in the back of a packed house.  Because of the disguise they never could figure out which one was Evan.  But as the program went on they both agreed that the parents of the kid with the beard would be really proud.

Yes, we most certainly were proud!


Score said...

That is ab fab! LOVE the Santa costume. Reshoot the Christmas cards!!!!!

Kylie said...

Santa costume = adorable.