Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Weather

We got our first taste of winter weather the day after Christmas.  We had snow flurries the majority of the day, but no accumulation.  It was still a beautiful sight considering our last seven years have been spent in Florida and we rarely saw the temperatures drop below 60 degrees.

We've been under a winter storm watch for the past 24 hours and it seems the storm has finally made its way to Murrells Inlet.  The snow is coming down hard and we're actually beginning to see some accumulation outside.

Growing up in NC we were lucky to get one good snow/ice shower and usually we were cursed with ice.  Travel would be dangerous, no power for miles and of course everything would be closed.  But amazingly, it was still exciting.  The phone lines would be busy for hours from everyone calling around to talk about the 1 - 2" of precipitation they've received.  Kids would drag out their sleds trash can lids and attempt some sort of sledding action while moms whipped up the hot chocolate.  We would literally have to dig out the boots, gloves and hats that were stored in the very back of the closet hoping we had at least two that matched.  Michiganians would scoff at our enthusiasm for winter weather.

I imagine I'll never live in a region where snow is an afterthought - and I'm totally ok with that.  I prefer to be excited by one or two episodes and then look to spring with even more excitement.  It's possible I may end up right back in FL when it's all said and done.  But for now - I welcome and love the change in seasons.

Oh, and to give a true sense of a SC winter storm - the time it took me to write this post and feed MJ the snow has melted.

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Score said...

oh well. it was pretty while it lasted. my grandma near Greenville, SC got about 8 inches.