Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Power of Underwear

Evan and I made a deal.

Pee pee in the potty = big boy underwear  (or as I remember them - underoos)
Pee pee in pants = baby underwear (aka diaper)

He totally went for it.  It's amazing the power character-themed anything has on children.  So to be able to wear "undawares just like dada" is even more spectacular with Lightening McQueen on them.  We'll see how far this little ploy can take us.  It's looking good so far.

Evan is so empowered by his underwear that he demanded music over cartoons this morning.  He wanted to shake what his mama daddy gave him instead.

1 comment:

jack said...

Music over cartoons? next thing ya know he'll be sending text messages to all his buddies at the nursery regarding that hot new chick that just moved there from california.