Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feel the Music

Evan:  "Turn on music, Mama!"
(I turn the radio to Evan's favorite station)
Evan:  "Turn it up louder, please."
(I crank the volume up a few notches)
Evan:  "It's Enrique and Ludacris, Mama!" (He then proceeds to sing along to the song Tonight)

Music is such a personal preference that even a two year old knows what he likes.  I often scan the radio looking for  a good song and, without fail, Evan will scream out when he hears a song he likes.  He also makes sure to tell me when he doesn't like a song, meaning I better find another one that he approves of.

The artists shown above are Evan's current favorites.  If I had to rank them in order the Black Eyed Peas would take the number one spot, followed by Enrique, then Cee Lo and finally, Britney.  Each of their songs have Evan bobbing his head back and forth and side to side in the backseat.  It's almost like something comes over him - he's somewhat possessed when he listens to their songs.  He does this really strange thing with his eyes and mouth like he's in some sort of trance.  As soon as he realizes I'm looking at him he breaks out of it and starts laughing.  Talk about feeling the music...

His preference for hip hop/pop music is really strong by day, but by night his preference is country.  I imagine it's a little easier to fall asleep to "Need You Now" than "Boom Boom Pow."

What happened to "a quack quack here and a moo moo there?"  Maybe we should do a hip hop remix of Old MacDonald.


Sarah said...

this is really funny, Dylan's favorite song is Die,Die,Die by the Avett Bros., close runner up is Blind Melon's rendition of 3 is a Magic Number, I'm trying to break her in to Adele

Laura M said...

love it! Robert is already looking forward to sharing his musical tastes with Avery and teaching her "what good music is".