Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let Beach Season Begin

Saturday.  Eighty degrees outside.  Looking for something to do...


Evan has been begging to go to the beach for several weeks now and Saturday couldn't have been more perfect of a day to go.  Mattie hasn't been feeling very well for the past few days, but I thought the salty air and cool breeze might be somewhat therapeutic for her as well.  So while Robert worked, Mimi helped me tote both kids and all of our beach gear over to Garden City Beach.

There's no trip we take that doesn't involve some sort of issue and this trip was no exception.  It was bad enough that Evan had an accident in his swimming trunks (#2), but being that the weather is just starting to get warm I have not had a chance to purchase new summer clothes that fit - so his shorts were not easy to get down turning this accident into a disgusting, sandy mess.  Luckily Evan didn't seem to mind being completely nude on the beach with his mama wiping his rear end - it was one of those moments where I realized just how much my life has changed.  But I smile about it.  I really do.

Mattie Jane's First Beach Trip


Score said...

Sounds like an adventure. gross and disgusting, but a great story to tell. Cute pictures!

Kylie said...

ahhh... the beach.... ahhh