Sunday, March 13, 2011


We all got the bug this week.

Evan kindly brought it home to us on Tuesday in the form of throw up and diarrhea.  Robert fell victim to the virus almost immediately while MJ and I managed to steer clear of it for a few days.  Luckily, we seemed to only get a touch of it on Friday, but nothing too terrible.

So while my entire week was devoted to nursing the family back to good health I still managed to glue myself to the ACC Tournament.  Carolina pulled through their first two games just barely and completely ran out of gas come the championship game.  As much as I hate to see Duke win, Carolina just didn't show up therefore giving the game away.  Ugh.  Well, can't dwell on the past - on we go to the brackets!  I love me some March Madness!!!

Switching gears.

Robert has been working his butt off the last few weeks as he gets ready to open Wonder Works in April.  He worked about 4 or 5 consecutive weeks without a day off, but has been able to take Sunday off the last three weeks.  I imagine this will be his schedule for the next few months - boo to the hoo - but we just have to make something of our Sundays and really enjoy that time we have together.

Like today - missed church (oops - spring forward + ACC Finals = too late for 1st service and can't go to 2nd service), but we went to our favorite diner up the street and had an amazing breakfast.  We spent the remainder of the morning and first part of the afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  Then came the Carolina game which gave me high blood pressure and a minor stroke - we had to put the kids down for a nap because Evan refused to wear earmuffs.  I needed church after that game.

And now - we're just laying around.  Ahh.  And I'm loving every quiet minute of it.


Score said...

wish i was having a lazy sunday. I just got back from Spring Break on the beach. yippie!

Laura M said...

Did Evan take a face plant in that photo?

Amanda said...

Yes, Laura - Evan did indeed do a face plant right into the ground and loved every second of it.