Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking Our Bedroom Back

New baby monitor.  Check.  Extra pacifiers.  Check.  Dark drapery.  Check.

We're finally getting our bedroom back.  Mattie Jane is finally heading upstairs to the nursery.  This would've happened much sooner, but a month's worth of coughing and congestion combined with pacifier-falling-out-of-mouth induced wakefulness got me out of bed several times for many nights.  Having to climb steps AND take the risk of waking Evan was not going to make this situation any better so I decided to wait a little longer.

Mattie finally seems to be over her upper respiratory issues and her eye/hand coordination has dramatically improved enabling her to find her pacifier and pop it back into her mouth on her own.  I've actually had four to five consecutive nights of undisturbed sleep.  Amazing.

Robert and I can finally get back to watching our recorded shows without white noise interfering with our hearing.  We've had to resort to only watching sports or bad reality tv - anything that doesn't require much volume to know what's going on - like Lizard Lick Towing or All Worked Up - basically anything on truTV.  It'll be nice to watch an actual movie.  The last one we saw was almost 6 months ago.  Devastating and sad.

But we'll both miss one thing for sure - turning over and seeing that little baby head propped up with a huge grin spread across her face.  Who can't happily greet that in the morning?  Even if it is 5:30 am...

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Score said...

yay for sleep! and that she's feeling better. I finally am too.