Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Yes, Robert wore a crown of Evan's handprints that honored him as King of the Day.  It may have looked ridiculous and goofy, but it was handmade and he is more than deserving of the title.

Here are a couple of other gifts that Evan made and was so excited to give to Dada...

I just melt when I see these crafty little art projects Evan makes at school.  He is always so proud of his work and is so eager to give his presents.  I told him we would have to wait until Sunday to give Dada his gifts since that was actually Father's Day.  He agreed, but as soon as Robert strolled in Friday night he pointed to where I hid the gifts and said, "Dada, I made you a present!"  I guess the ability to keep a secret will come in time.

We spent the day at the pool and in the backyard.  Much like we did on Mother's Day.  That's what we typically like to do as a family so it made sense.  I got Robert a gift certificate to a spa so he could enjoy a nice massage.  He has chronic lower back pain and I think a massage will at least offer some comfort.  I also purchased him a fan to put on his side of the bed so he quits complaining about how hot it is in our bedroom at night.  We actually both slept very well last night so I'm giving myself a big pat on the back for my efforts - ha.

Happy Father's Day to a dada that is fun and loving and will do any thing to make his family happy.  You are truly appreciated and we love you HUGE.

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Kylie said...

Happy Father's Day Robert :)