Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary Celebration

On Friday night Robert handed me a typical Hallmark card that gushed all the usual lovey dovey words, but inside he added a not-so-typical message of his own:

Pack a bag and include:
  • beachwear
  • change of clothes
  • shopping attire
  • nice outfit

To say I was excited would be an understatement.  I was freakin' PUMPED.  I'm pretty sure it was the no children allowed that really had my attention - a whole day and night, just the two of us?  I was giddy.

We left Saturday morning dressed to hit the beach.  Our babysitter, Kaitlin, came over to stay with the kids until 3 pm and then Mimi took over for the remainder of the day and night (thank you, mom, SOOOOO much).  It's amazing how easy it is to pack for the beach when there's no floats, diaper bags, strollers, additional towels + chairs, etc.  It was just me, Robert, two chairs, a bag and a cooler.  A number of items that just the two of us could handle.  It was starting to feel like the good ol' days.

Normally we would've gone to Surfside Beach or Garden City Beach, but most of our activities were planned in Myrtle Beach so we set up camp right next to the Myrtle Beach Pier.  The people watching on this beach never disappoints and the ocean was perfect in both temperature and wave intensity.  We literally sat for a couple of hours looking back and forth at each other smiling - it was perfection.  This is what we used to do every weekend when we lived on Fort Myers Beach - some of our greatest memories pre-kiddos.

These are the only two pictures we managed to take the entire day/night.  We thought we took several more, but we are both new to the iphone that Robert just got and it seems that the pictures we thought we were taking weren't saving to the phone.  Bummer.

Behind Robert in the picture above is the new Skywheel built along the Boardwalk.  We took a trip high above the Myrtle Beach coast - three rotations to be exact.  We thought it would've been much cooler if we were served lunch and a cocktail in our car. 

We left the beach around 5 pm and headed to our hotel at Broadway to get ready for an evening out.  We got all gussied up and showered each other in compliments on our spiffy attire.  It's not very often we get to dress up in something other than shorts and a t-shirt - not much of a point when you carry around a baby with reflux and a pack of wipes for your two year old. 

We looked at ourselves in the mirror and a did a daaaaamn, we look good dance and off we went, hand in hand, to have some dinner at Margaritaville.  We chowed on conch fritters and chicken quesadillas and sipped on one of their staple margaritas.  Around 7 pm we headed over to Legends in Concert.  We were entertained by the likes of Alan Jackson, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Aretha Franklin and, of course, Elvis.  I think we had a better time watching all the old ladies sit on the edge of their seats and scream and squeal over Tom Jones and Elvis.  In their minds they were seeing the real performers live.  Complete insanity.

We ended our evening with a little dueling piano fun at Crocodile Rocks and a midnight snack at Good Time Charley's.  We were absolutely B.E.A.T. at that point.  We were happily in bed by 12:30 am and slept peacefully and undisturbed until 9 am.  We both agreed one more day/night would've been great, but we were excited to get home and see the babies.  Besides, we had promised Evan a day at the waterpark on Sunday.

We will definitely be planning more of these outings in the future.  It was too enjoyable not to.  Thank you, babe, for such a memorable day.  I love you like crazy, boy.


Score said...

Glad you got some quality time with your hubby. I'm disappointed you didn't go to the Bowery!

Kylie said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fab day. I'd love a whole day on the beach with hubs. :)