Friday, July 1, 2011

Catching Up

I've been slacking off a bit in keeping up with everything going on around here.  Last week we had a fantastic visit from Grandpa and Grandma Stinnett.  They rolled in from Knoxville on Tuesday and stayed with us until Saturday.  The kids were given much needed time with them and they enjoyed every minute they had.  I could kick myself for not dragging out my camera.  I did manage to get a cute one of Grandma and Mattie at the pool.  And speaking of the pool, Evan is now swimming on his own with floaties.  He couldn't be more proud of himself.

We sincerely hope Grandma and Grandpa can come back soon.

I also haven't mentioned yet that I am going back to teaching.  While I will continue writing for Gage Publishing, I am also going to be teaching kindergarten at the Academy of Hope.  Being able to write AND teach is the best of both worlds for me.  I am so happy about this new development in my life.  It is however keeping me very busy as I am preparing to be away from home more.

We also have a special little someone who will be turning 3 on the 11th.  We've been searching the internet like mad people trying to find that perfect gift - but we finally gave up on the "wow" gift because we all know what Evan really wants - I'll give you a hint.  Starts with a "C."  We'll be taking him to see Cars 2 to kick off his birthday weekend.

Might as well mention here too that Mattie Jane has two bottom teeth that just broke through yesterday.  We also lowered her crib a few days ago after we found her sitting up and desperately trying to pull herself up on the rail.  This girl is on the move.

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Sarah said...

Great coincidence, Dylan just learned how to swim with her floaties last week too! Awesome