Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Boy

My big boy turned 3 today.  My, how time just flies by.  But it's amazing how much stays the same.

The only difference here is that at a year old Evan cried about being restrained in a high chair - at three years old he cries because he's forced to blow out candles before he can open up his presents.  Well, at least he's consistent - and it's usually short-lived.

Even though E's birthday is today, we decided to celebrate on Saturday so we had a full day to spend together.  He's been patiently waiting to see Cars 2 for 3 weeks now.  Not only was this his first movie, but it was also shown in 3-D.  We were proud of Evan for keeping his glasses on the entire time.

We ate cake and opened up birthday presents at home.  Mimi was there to party it up with us too.  Once we convinced Evan that he could open gifts after blowing out his candles, he put his happy face back on.  He opened up and quickly tossed aside his new shoes and clothes - but his complete set of Cars 2 and his construction set are still lined up strategically across our couch with strict demands not to touch them.  True obsession right here, boys and girls.

Guess who else got to eat some cake?



Sarah said...

I love the comparison photos! Glad he kept his glasses on and the construction set looks like tons of fun.

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday Evan! Can't wait to see Cars myself!

Score said...

Happy Birthday Evster! Looks like Mattie liked the cake.

Anonymous said...

I remember those faces well from when all the Evans family were that age. Evan reminds me a Lot of Todd in his 3 year old pic. Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!
Love, Michele & JW

Melissa Snyder said...

He is such a handsome little man--- so grown up!