Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching My Breath

I knew making the transition from work-part-time-from-home mom to work-full-time-from-home-AND-away-from-home mom wouldn't be easy, but I honestly wasn't expecting to be this tired.  I think most of my exhaustion comes from not knowing how to manage all of my responsibilities efficiently.  I am one of those that must have my day in order from the moment I wake up until I go back to bed at night.  If I don't, not only does my productivity decline, but my day will be a complete nightmare that I'd rather not have.  So this past week was a trial week that has hopefully prepared me for this coming week and the many weeks that follow.  It is my mission to find a good routine that works for me and my family.

Due to my inefficient self, today was my only true day "off."  We chose to lay low for the first part of the day, but got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather after the kids had their naps.  Grandpa and Grandma Stinnett bought Evan a bicycle with training wheels for his birthday.  Robert spent some time last week trying to show Evan how to use the pedals - the lesson did not go so well.  We're not sure if coordination is the issue, but whatever the case, something wasn't working.

Today we decided to try again, but this time we thought if we all rode bikes it would get Evan a little more pumped about trying to ride his own.  Fail.  He can't seem to grasp the concept of pedaling quite yet.  Oh well - we will revisit this later and until then Evan will ride his $19 motorcycle that he got for his 2nd birthday and of course his police car.  But please check out Mattie Jane in her bicycle seat.  Have you ever seen anything cuter?

It wouldn't be normal for us to end the day on a happy note, so let me share Evan's melt down when we told him it was time to go inside.



Score said...

Mattie's helmet is super cute! Maybe Evan is too big for that bike, so it's hard for him to pedal. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon. miss talking to you. call when you get a chance.

Kylie said...

Mattie is a cute little rider :) How is it going?! Call me next week want to hear how your first week of class went Mrs. Stinnett!