Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day Weekend

While we did manage to catch a glimpse of fireworks from our backyard last night, we chose to celebrate the holiday with some friends at the beach and at the water park this weekend.

The Farrells made their way down to the "Redneck Riviera," aka Myrtle Beach, on Saturday ready to hit the beach.  As always, it took what seemed like an eternity to pack every thing up in the car, but we managed to head out the door at a reasonable hour.  We didn't have to fight too much traffic which was surprising and finding a parking space for two cars came rather easily as well.

Dylan and Evan were in motion the entire time - to the ocean and back, to the ocean and back.  Robert and Dan got their work out for sure.  Sarah, whom is expecting baby #2 in December (yay!) and myself were on baby duty - or maybe I should say we were on dirt patrol.  By the time Mattie was done shoveling all of Garden City Beach in her mouth, city officials probably had to request beach renourishment after we left.

We spent Sunday at the water park.  Again, the men ran with the little ones while Sarah and I kept the baby content.  Three hours proved to be more than enough fun time as Evan and Dylan were beginning to show signs of exhaustion, i.e. impending tantrums.  They were both asleep before we even pulled out of the parking lot.

We rounded out the weekend with a visit to Wonder Works on Monday.  With no intention of fighting the crowd inside, we chose just to have lunch before Dan and Sarah headed back to the Pines.  As always, it was so good to spend time with such special friends.  Looking forward to spending time with them as a family of four!


Score said...

Looks like fun! Happy 4th! Dylan and Evan are so cute together.

Sarah said...

how good is the photo of Evan & Dylan! loving it.

Kylie said...

that is a great photo! What edits did you make or what effect did you apply?