Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Story

It's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone.  I still have a family Christmas card file saved on my computer that never got ordered or printed - maybe next year.  I'm thinking that might be my infamous line from here on out.

Our holiday began on the 16th at the BCLC Christmas Program.  Evan's three year old class filled the stage and opened the program with the Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America.  It finally made sense why Evan was continuously singing this at home.  They also sang Here Comes Santa Claus and another one that slips my mind right now.  Evan did a fantastic job.  I was amazed there were no crying children - usually at least one kid cries and won't perform.

The following day we loaded up and headed to Tennessee.  We spent a few days with Grandpa and Grandma Stinnett and a few days with Grandma and Grandpa Bopp.  We also felt so fortunate to spend several days with Granny as her condition wavered some over the past few weeks.  She said hello to Evan and gave Mattie Jane sweet smiles.  I was not good about taking pictures while we were there, but managed to snap a few towards the end of our visit.

We got back just in time to get the house ready for Santa.  This was definitely the first year that Evan seemed to really get it.  We left cookies and milk for Santa and made sure the fireplace was clear so that he could come down with ease.  Evan gave no fuss when it was time to go to bed because he knew (and believed - hehe) that Santa wouldn't come if he was awake.  We may have been just as excited to see Evan open his presents as he was to receive them.  This was truly a special year.

Uncle Todd, Barnes and Mimi celebrated the holiday with us - we ate, opened presents and ate some more.  Perfect holiday.

We (my family, Tim's family, Todd & Barnes) surprised mom with an Ipad.  I think this last picture speaks for itself.  Merry Christmas.

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Score said...

Merry Christmas. Miss you! I can't believe you got Tim to chip in enough to buy your mom and iPad. haha