Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is Officially Here

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Thanks to our overly ambitious neighbors, we had to step it up this year.  We decided being the only unlit house on our block looked bad - especially when Evan was asking why we didn't have lights in our yard like everyone else.  Confessing our laziness wasn't gonna be a good enough excuse for a three year old.

So we started out our decorating by heading out to Conway to Booth's Christmas Tree Farm this afternoon to pick out the perfect tree - for us that means easy to cut down and not too much necessary trimming.   Evan told us in the car that he was gonna pick out "a big tree with presents under it."  Nothing like an all-inclusive Christmas.  We told him they didn't offer that combo, but that we would make sure that whatever tree we chose would have presents under it come Christmas morning.

We took a tractor ride down to the leyland cypress lot.  This type of tree was ideal for us last year with Evan being only two.  The needles are a lot softer and a little bit easier to maintain.  We knew this year was gonna be a challenge with Mattie and her very curious, mischievous self.  So we opted for another cypress.  Evan and Mattie roamed the lot until we finally came upon a tree that looked symmetrical and tall enough for our high lofty ceilings.

Paul Bunyan and his mighty saw took down our beautiful tree...

We literally picked out our tree and cut it down in a matter of 10 minutes - the tractor didn't return for at least 25 - 30 minutes.  So we took pictures - duh.

Evan of course had to "pee pee" while we waited - being a boy certainly has its advantages.

We finally made it back to our car to strap the nine footer to our rooftop.  The 45 minute trip home lulled both kids to sleep - but I did notice a very sweet gesture before they closed their eyes...

The tree is decorated, the stockings hung - outside decorations will be taken care of this week.  We are so ready for Santa here!

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Score said...

Oh my God! That last picture made me tear up a little bit. how sweet.
Evan looks like Tim with his shaved head....