Friday, December 30, 2011

Twenty Twelve Resolutions

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a new year is upon us.  I absolutely have no clue where 2011 went.  That may have something to do with my life being swallowed whole consumed by a new baby, a new job and a new way of life.  Staying busy certainly doesn't make time stand still.

Feeling like I finally have everything under control, or maybe that I'm able to deal with my load with some sanity in tact, I am feeling refreshed welcoming 2012.  I'm coming into this year with a clear head, but with some definite changes in mind.  Behold, my twenty twelve resolutions:

1. Register for a 5K
I began training for a 5K (my marathoner mom is laughing at this right now, I'm sure) at the beginning of this year and did something to my ankle.  Taking time off to let my ankle heal turned into giving up on the race all together.  I was really disappointed in myself for not sticking with I joined the gym.  Two weeks later, I accepted a new job and all of my free time went right out the window, as well as my motivation to work out.  Not one year (since high school) have I not been dedicated to some form of exercise, except for 2011.  I will change that.  Time to get my fitness back.

2. Prepare more natural meals
Constantly feeling like I have no time and running on empty, I have resulted to those evil frozen meals, or worse, take-out.  I would say we currently take-out or dine out at least three to four times a week and the remaining days meals are literally just thrown together - usually in a microwave.  This year I want to plan my meals more effectively.  Buy fresh produce, buy foods with less preservatives, make meals from scratch.  I generally eat healthy, even given the habits listed above, but I want to learn to enjoy cooking as well.

3.  Have date night once a month
Robert and I actually started this trend a few months ago and, with the help of my mom, have been able to stick to it.  I want this to continue into 2012 so that I always have that special weekend to look forward to.  I love my children to pieces, but there's nothing better than a night alone with my husband doing things we used to do pre-kiddos.

4.  Start reading again 
Due to lack of time (are you beginning to see the theme here), I haven't read a book in its entirety in at least a year.  I hope to pick up a book and begin reading again - even it takes me a month to read it.  There was a time when I would read 1-2 books a week.  I miss that.

5.  Finish projects left undone 
Hello dining room chairs, memory boxes, photo books...

6.  Watch my tone
I am notorious for being really snappy when I'm tired, in a bad mood or what have you - and unfortunately I'm one of those who takes it out on the ones I love most, i.e. Robert.  This year I want to make a genuine effort to take a deep breath, think about how I'm coming off to others and keep my attitude in check.

7.  Pay off student loans
I'm almost there, but if I choose to take some money each week out of our normal weekly budget, I can get those bad boys paid off a lot quicker.

8.  Live a more balanced life
Be successful at work, as well as at home. My kids deserve me just as much as my students/readers - actually, a lot more.  Be a fantastic teacher/writer, but be an even more fantastic mother.

There's my list in all its glory.  Once it's published I become 100% accountable.  Here it goes...


Score said...

Good Luck! You should look into joining a farm share or CSA in the spring. I find it makes me cook vegetables more and eat different foods, since you get what they have that week.

EmWalker said...

I love all of your goals!:) Very motivating to make my own list...

jack said...

That is a good list of resolutions. I am still working on mine from 2010.