Thursday, December 15, 2011

Job Application

I was shocked when I found out my brother, Tim, was looking for a new job.  He sent me his application to review...

Dear Timothy Evans:

Please accept our sincere thanks for submitting your information for the following EPA non-faculty position at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

    Recruitment ID:    2502142
    Position Title:    Head Football Coach
    Department:    Ath Football Office

We are very pleased of your interest and welcome the opportunity to carefully consider your qualifications and credentials.  As a next step, your materials will be forwarded to the Committee that is conducting this search for their consideration. These materials remain confidential and are shared only with members of the Search Committee and administrative staff who assist the Committee in performing its duties.  The search Committee or the hiring department will contact you directly if your credentials are determined to be of further interest.

Please note that for some positions, we receive a large volume of applications and the length of the hiring process varies from position to position.  So while you may not receive a direct response from the hiring department regarding your application, please be assured it has been referred and will receive careful consideration.

If you experience any problems accessing the system or have questions about the application process, please contact the University's Equal Employment Opportunity Office at (919) 966-3576 or send an email to

Should you have any questions regarding this search or about the hiring department, please feel free to contact the following representative in the appointing department:

Bubba Cunningham, Athletic Director,

If you need to update your application or contact information, please click on the following link:

Again, we thank you for your interest in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Please be assured that your application will receive careful consideration.


Equal Opportunity/ADA Office
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

When I opened this email I laughed out loud and tears came to my eyes - sorry to say, bro, but the job has been filled.  Don't take the rejection too hard.  Looks like they genuinely gave some consideration to your qualifications.  We'll see if Larry Fedora matches up.

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Score said...

Funny stuff. Sorry Tim didn't get the job. Maybe next time.