Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All 8 of Us

The Farrells and the Stinnetts reunited this past weekend, but the Farrells were plus one since our last gathering.  Sarah, Dan and Dylan welcomed Eleanor in late November of last year and she has finally reached the age where traveling and staying over night isn't too chaotic and exhausting.  Not to say she didn't wake up mom and dad in the wee hours of the morning both nights they were here - she wasn't gonna make it that easy.

We did exactly what young families should do in the summer...

Friday night - welcome with big hugs, let kids go nuts, put kids to bed, have adult time on the porch
Saturday - pool, cookout, put kids to bed, have adult time on the porch
Sunday - beach, lunch, say goodbye

There is nothing more special and comforting than old friends, which is why I treasure every picture we take - and we always get some good ones.

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