Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Roadtrip to Knoxville

Not many marriages make it to 25 years these days, but Robert's sister and brother-in-law are one of the few that have beat the odds.  And to celebrate this milestone anniversary, they threw a big bash with friends and family to share in their happiness.  We were more than thrilled to make the trip west to Tennessee to be a part of such a special day.

(The day was also special because Robert and I were celebrating our fifth anniversary, which seemed so inferior to 25! Ha!  We are gonna take the time this weekend to celebrate together - five years of marriage, 11 years of happiness.)

We had to squeeze in a lot of visiting in the four days we were there.  We spent the first day with Grandma and Grandpa Bopp and Granny.  Kaylin, our niece, also spent the day with us.  She was so wonderful with Evan and Mattie - sure wish she lived closer so she could do a little babysitting :)  Granny was talking up a storm when we got there.  At 97 years old and bed ridden for the last two years, I was blown away by how much she was talking.  It was the most verbal I've seen her in at least two years.  Even though much of her conversation seemed confused, it was amazing hearing her verbalize her thoughts.  We asked her if she wanted to get out the bed and she responded, "Let's get out of here!"

I remembered to take a few pictures of everyone - some of them are a bit grainy because I realized my settings were off AFTER I took most of the pictures - of course.

We met up with my dad for lunch since he only lives a hour from Knoxville.  He surprised the kids with a stuffed animal and Mattie has been attached ever since.  Her pink bunny, whom she refers to as "Hop," is dragged around the house where ever she goes now.

We had plans to spend the day boating with Robert's dad and Kathy, but the weather decided to keep us indoors with rain that didn't seem to want to go away.  We spent the time at their house instead and I think Evan was just fine with that.  Any time we go over there, he feels like it's Christmas because they have the mother load of toys stashed away in their closets.  The rain did finally subside, however, and we took the kids outside to play in the yard.

As for the anniversary party, I have no pictures.  But Sharon and Rob had a professional doing that work, so I'm hoping we'll get a chance to see some of those soon.  The kids had an absolute ball at the party.  They danced and danced until they literally could dance no more.  Robert and I laughed when we clocked ourselves leaving at 9:15 pm.  That was by far the earliest we've EVER left a party.  Welcome to the world of parenthood!  We had a blast nonetheless.

We had a wonderful time visiting everyone.  And as always, we look forward to going back to visit again soon.