Monday, June 18, 2012

Dada's Day

The term "Daddy" has not yet caught on in our household and I'm not sure if it ever will.  Evan has called Robert "Dada" since he was first able to utter words and it has stuck.  I'm assuming once Evan starts school his name choice might change, but until then it's "Dada" around this house.

So, yesterday we celebrated Dada's Day!

After showering Robert with cards, homemade gifts and a fishing trip for just the boys, we gathered everything we needed to spend the day at the water park.  The weather was beautiful and the kids were were we.  This was Mattie's second trip to the park, but her first time truly getting an experience.  And it definitely was a positive one.

Robert said something to me yesterday that really struck a chord - he said, "When Father's Day is equally as important as Mother's Day, I know that we have a great marriage."  While this may not be true for everybody, in our case it all comes down to  running our household 50/50.  I'm certainly not that mother stuck feeding and bathing the children and changing diapers around the clock.  Robert is extremely hands-on and contributes in all areas, not just being the fun, playful dad who likes to wrestle and throw the kids around.  He is more than just a dad to our family - he is a DADA - and that is way cooler than dad any day.

My children are blessed to have such a loving, caring man who would literally do anything to make them smile.  Watching Robert fall into the daddy role has made me love and respect him even more than I already did.  Every year reconfirms that I found "the one."

Happy Dada's Day, Babe.  You are amazing.


Score said...

Happy Dada's Day to Roberto. Those photos are so cute! And Evan looks great in Scott's sunglasses. haha

Kylie said...

I have been absent from the blog world so I'm catching up a bit - great pics, love the one with Mimi in the background :)