Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Haircut

The mullet had to go.

As much as I wanted Mattie's hair to grow out and look beautiful and feminine - it was doing quite the opposite.  One chunk of hair in the middle of her head was growing long while the rest of her hair was at a standstill.  She was well on her way to being Miss Jo Dirt for Halloween, but buying a wig wouldn't be necessary - she had that part covered.

If you haven't seen the mullet in person, this picture somewhat gives an idea of what we were working with - I think I may have been avoiding taking pictures of Mattie from behind because the mullet was getting so bad.

Her first haircut was a huge success!  Not only did Mattie sit patiently while the lady cut her hair, but the cut actually looks really cute.  She gave Mattie a little bob in the back that will hopefully begin to grow at a more equal rate.

This was a before picture with her ponytail still on top of her head.

Almost done...

Blowing it dry
Mattie loves the new 'do and so do we!  And I can't leave out Evan...he also got his hair cut and was awesome the whole time - as usual.

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