Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello Second Trimester

I have made it through the first trimester - finally.  And I say finally simply because it feels like I've been pregnant for an entire year already.  With 26 more weeks to go I might as well buckle down and get ready for what will truly feel like an eternity.

Just the other day I mentioned to my friend, Amanda, that I've been extremely forgetful regarding my pregnancy the last few weeks.  I don't mean that I've been misplacing things or forgetting to feed my child -  more along the lines of just forgetting that I'm pregnant.  I guess now that I'm feeling back to normal - other than the bulging belly - it just slips my mind sometimes.  I made a huge pasta and spinach dish the other night and the main ingredient for the sauce was feta cheese.  I absolutely LOVE feta cheese so I dumped an additional 1/2 cup in there for good measure.  After I completely devoured my meal it dawned on me that I'm not supposed to be eating feta cheese or any soft cheese for that matter.  And then I remembered the blue cheese crumbles on my salad and the gorgonzola cheese on my burger.  I thought to myself, "jeez, get it together."

But it didn't stop there.

Just last week I was feeling good that it was the weekend.  Evan was in bed.  Robert would be coming home soon.  I opened the fridge to get something to drink and realized we really didn't have anything.  But I spotted a few Miller Lites on the bottom shelf and immediately was like, "Yes!  That sounds perfect!"  So I popped the top and sat on the couch and enjoyed a nice cold brew.  And then I decided I would have another.

Mom, are you freaking out yet?

Totally kidding.  I haven't lost my entire brain yet.  Just a small portion.


Phil said...

Stop me if I am wrong. Four trimesters equals a year. Right? So you actually have been pregnant for a year. Right?

Amanda said...

Well, it certainly feels like a year - no question about that.

Sarah said...

wait did you drink a beer or no? I'm not sure I knew about the cheese thing.