Friday, April 9, 2010

Timothy Martin Evans, Jr.

My brother was granted his wish of a little boy.  In just 22 short weeks (or long weeks for Ruth), Tim's dreams of father/son bonding will become a reality. 

Don't let me confuse anybody with the title - I very seriously doubt the baby boy will become a Jr.  Besides, Tim better hope and pray his son doesn't take on his personality as an infant/toddler.  From what I hear it wasn't an easy experience.  Sometimes I think there was a freak mix up and Evan is actually my brother's child.  The temperment and the semi-permanent scowl are all too familiar.

Watch Tim end up with the calm, mild-mannered one.  That just means he's gonna be in hell during the teenage years! :)  Hope you're prepared, my brotha!

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Score said...

Good for Tim! That's so cool!