Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

The term hunt is used very loosely here because I had to strategically place the eggs in plain view.  Otherwise I would've been doing the hunting.  This was more of an Easter egg collection and it took no instruction for Evan to start gathering.  Let's just say if this was his job he'd be a top performer.

He was on a mission to gather all the eggs and get every single one in the basket.  He manged to do this successfully, but once finished needed a new task to tackle.   He pretty much lives by the what goes in, must come out philosophy so the collection quickly went into reverse.  And out went all the eggs. 

At one point Evan's OCD started kicking in and he became extremely annoyed with the grass sticking to his feet.  We had to stop all activity and brush his feet off before he would go on.  I had to eventually gather up all his eggs in his basket and demonstrate how to carry the basket on his arm.  Not so successful on that front, but at least I managed to get him inside.  I bribed him with jelly beans and milk.  I know - disgusting combo - but he totally went for it.  Just playing on his weaknesses.



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