Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now Showing

It definitely appears as though there's a baby growing in my belly or else I've really done some damage on all my Easter candy.

I have graduated to the belly band this week simply because it's way more comfortable to just let it all hang out.  I'm still able to button my pants, but sitting down is less than cozy and after eating a full meal I can just forget about it.  I always think about that commercial where the slender, sexy woman slinks into the elevator and as soon as the elevator door shuts she lets her gut bust out of those tight fitting pants.  That's pretty much how I feel in my jeans, so the belly band is my savior.

I'm actually almost 13 weeks - Thursday is my turn day.  I believe I began using the belly band around 13 weeks with Evan as well.  But the difference is that I gained more weight in my first trimester with him than I have this time.  I can't say that I've been making extremely healthy food choices this time, but running after a toddler all day has its impact.

I thought I was pretty much out of the woods as far as nausea goes, but I had a pretty vicious episode this morning for whatever reason.  The past couple of weeks I have felt a lot better, but I guess my hormones aren't done with me yet.  Hurry up second trimester!!!

And because I can't contain my excitement I need to note that my brother, Tim, and his wife will find out the sex of their new baby tomorrow!!!  I can't wait to hear the news.  I'd love for them to have a boy.


Kylie said...

Cute! Looks like me except I'm not prego anymore. :) Not for long - hello Nutrisystem. hehe

Amanda said...

I'm curious to hear about Nutrisystem. I've always wondered if the food is actually any good.