Thursday, June 3, 2010

Low Country Living

We are somewhat settled in after our long awaited move to South Carolina.  Thanks to my brother Todd and his buddy Matt we were able to get all of our furniture moved in on Saturday.  We've literally been camping out on an air mattress for a week giving our moving truck transit time from Florida to South Carolina.  Not the most ideal sleeping arrangement for a pregnant lady.

We are absolutely thrilled with our new house.  We went in almost completely blind on this property and simply crossed our fingers it would be suitable.  It totally exceeded our expectations.  The layout is perfect, the size is exactly what we were shooting for and the yard is phenomenal!  We can't keep Evan or the dogs inside - score! 

In the short time we've been here I've managed to get most everything unpacked and put away.  Decorating will be my primary focus for the next month or so.  But that's the fun part because that involves shopping.  And the best shopper I know is coming to visit this weekend.  Bring some ideas with you, Sarah.  My goal is to have the house completely ready by October so we can feel completely at home when the new baby arrives.

Robert is in Pigeon Forge this week with his new job.  He seems really happy with his new position and is more convinced every day that things are really falling into place for us.  I share his feelings on that.  This is the most settled I have felt since we've been together - so almost 9 years! Yikes!  It's all smiles here in the Low Country.



Kylie said...

Have I told you how THRILLED I am that you, Roberto and the offspring are closer!?!?

Amanda said...

Have I told YOU how thrilled we are to be closer? So happy.