Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Highlights




These were the highlights of the weekend with the Farrells.  

Dylan and Evan had a great time and completely wore each other out.  Dark circles and glassy eyes seemed to be permanent features as naptimes and bedtimes approached each day.  Evan taught Dylan about "cool cars" while Dylan encouraged Evan to hold her hand and go for walks around the house.  They both loved playing outside together and Dylan seemed to love the beach as much as Evan does.  Their first bath pictures were taken and will be sure to reemerge when they reach high school - aren't parents supposed to embarrass their kids?


Sarah and I bored her husband, Dan, to tears with our constant design conversation.  Design is a passion of Sarah's that she has successfully passed on to me.  We made various design decisions about the new house and ventured out to a few secondhand and antique stores hoping to find the perfect missing pieces for my house.  We came back with only a lamp, but for $9 I was pleased with our find (update:  I refinished the lamp and placed it in our entryway).



We also scoped out a vacant storefront in Georgetown that Buzz's Roost may be taking over soon.  Sarah's dream of a retail store quickly surfaced and we fantasized for a couple days about a great partnership in the retail world - we're not counting out that future possibility quite yet.

And what would a fun-filled weekend be without a bit of flare?  Shortly before Sarah and Dan left we received a frantic knock on our door as I  noticed clouds of smoke swirling around the front windows.   We ran outside and saw that our front flower bed was engulfed in flames.  Poor Dan looked at me and said, "It's my fault."  Sarah  quickly added, "that's why we don't smoke cigarettes!"  Thirty minutes prior Dan had innocently knocked out the cherry of his cigarette into the mulch after he had finished smoking.  Evidently SC needs more rain.  And I thought we left the threat of brush fires back in Florida.

Good Friends = Good Times


Laura said...

LOL - good times for sure!

Score said...

You could have a photo gallery for the wall decor, too!

Amanda said...

Oh, a photo gallery was on my list from the beginning. Family gallery will be up the staircase and other photos will be through out. I may be hitting you up for some of your files :)

Sarah said...

you're the best!