Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Dear

Sometimes what you think is a fabulous idea turns out to be not so fabulous after all. Like my beautiful candy jars. I envisioned lovely glass jars placed just right on my counter and filled to the rim with colorful candies. Its presence would add such a fun and playful twist to my kitchen decor. My vision was spot on. My self-control not so much.

I had my 4 week check-up with my new OB this morning and I was not very pleased when I watched the nurse move the small weight on the scale further and further to the right. I gained 5 lbs. this past month. ONE MONTH! I only gained 5 lbs. the prior three months combined. And it's all because of those damn candy jars! Please notice the half-filled jar of M&M's. Who did I think I was kidding? Like I could really walk past those jars every day and resist sticking my hand in and grabbing a large handful or two...or three.

That appointment was a wake up call. Would prunes look just as pretty?


Clark Family Blog said...

I think that sounds like a GREAT idea, to add color, and something exciting to look at.... Problem is my jars would be EMPTY within the first week.

Can you replace the candy with nuts, or maybe some dried fruit,trail mix, or some Yogurt Covered Pretzels? My kids love organic Clif bars ( the kids ones are best) Just a few ideas I am now thinking of stealing and doing in my kitchen. =)

Amanda said...

Faith - You've definitely mentioned some better options as far as diet goes. The yogurt covered pretzels would be a great substitute and would still look great in the jars.

Sarah said...

Faith has a good idea there. You could go with dried fruit or go non-snackeable with grains and beans.
And hey you need to mention who painstakingly selected those jars at Home Goods with you!

Laura said...

I've seen split peas, pasta and dried peppers in the jars... I remember thinking who the heck needs a huge jar of split peas?!! but I guess it's pretty ;)

Amanda said...

Well, I already have glass jars with pasta, rice and beans - so the candy jars were meant to add color. I can see how peas could be nice. They would definitely only be for color...I have a strong dislike for peas.