Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I wish I could say MJ was sporting this SpongeBob accessory because she has the same infatuation with band-aids as her brother - but sadly, I can not.  Instead, I have to take responsibility for this one.

Clipping infant fingernails is not at all like clipping fingernails of an adult, a child, or even a toddler.  The nails are literally paper thin and are so flimsy they can be bent in half.   These qualities make it very difficult to get a sense of how much nail you are actually clipping.  I always manage to carefully clip the first nine fingernails with no problem - but then comes the last one.  The dreaded thumb nail.  This is the trickiest one out of the bunch because it's typically the longest (meaning the quick is longer) and it seems thicker - even knowing all of this I still go in overly confident and "it" always seems to happen.  Yup.  I clip the nail and then some.

And we all know what happens next.

Lots of blood.  Screaming baby.  Horrified mother.

This is one of a few chores that make me extremely uncomfortable.  The possibility of causing my child pain, discomfort, or even worse, injury is about all it takes for me to shy away from a specific task - but unfortunately, they have to get done.  And for some reason I always have to do the dirty work. 

Other items topping my list of Extremely Nauseating Send Shivers Down My Spine Chores include:
  • Taking a rectal temperature
  • Using a bulb syringe
  • Administering Vitamin D drops
  • Dealing with bad diaper rash
Cleaning up poop?  No problem.  Vomit?  Piece of cake.  Busted Lip?  I manage.  But the ones I mentioned above literally make my stomach turn.          


Score said...

Poor thing! I know that is/was one of your fears. I'm sure she won't need therapy later.

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I really want to avoid the butt temp.... scary.

Kylie said...

butt temp is the worst! one time when Noah was constipated, that is how our ped told us to "un-constipate" him. Terrible! but it worked. All of these are totally relateable!