Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feelin' the Love

This is who I was smooching on Valentine's Day...

There wasn't much else to do considering I was crammed in the backseat of Kylie's Honda for 10 hours doing my best to keep Miss MJ content on our journey home from Florida.

We took a girls trip down to Florida this past weekend to surprise our other bestie, Amanda who is getting married in April.  This trip was meant to replace the bachelorette party/shower that Kylie and I were not gonna be able to attend in March - and in my opinion, our visit was waaaaaay more exciting than any silly party could hope to be.

The trip down didn't seem nearly as painful as the trip back.  Kylie and I had a lot of catching up to do so we certainly weren't lacking in conversation.  We chit-chatted for 10+ hours and MJ chimed in every now and then.  She traveled relatively well which allowed me to sit shotgun a good portion of the trip down.

Thanks to Scott's assistance, Amanda had zero knowledge of our plan.  We weren't sure how we wanted to present ourselves on arrival so we left it up to MJ to do the dirty work for us.  We arrived at Amanda's house around 9 pm and slowly maneuvered the car behind the front hedges.  I took Mattie's car seat out of the car (with Mattie still strapped in) and quietly walked her up the sidewalk.  I peered into the front window and saw Amanda in a trance in front of the tv.  Perfect, I thought.  I left Mattie on the front stoop with a note that read "need good home."  I knocked on the front door and bolted back to where we parked the car.  Kylie and I watched as Amanda opened her door, looked down and, with fear in her voice, said "Oh, my god!"  She immediately slammed the door and left my poor baby just chilling there on the porch.

Thankfully Scott came outside and then called for Amanda.  He began to clue her in by saying things like doesn't she look familiar and don't you know this baby.  The look of shock and confusion on Amanda's face had us laughing so hard there was no way to keep it muffled any longer.  We ran out from behind the bushes hoping Amanda could start making sense of things.  I'm pretty certain we were successful in surprising her and even more successful in freaking her out.  She mentioned she had just read an article about a man who was leaving babies on the doorsteps of women to lure them out of their homes and then kidnapping and raping them - clearly not our purpose, but the shock is now understood.

After the shock settled in we spent the rest our time just being together.  Talking, laughing, crying - everything you do with great friends.  We talked about old times and imagined the future and simply enjoyed each other's company for the two short days we we there.  We took Amanda out AKA style (inside joke) on Saturday night to celebrate the upcoming wedding rather than celebrating the last few months of single life.  We chose sushi and cocktails over night clubs and strippers - what a concept, right?

Even though the drive home was nothing short of torturous, I would do it again in a heart beat.  Unfortunately, we didn't get many photos of the three of us and the ones we did were poor quality, but we did manage to snap a few randoms.

Here's to lifelong friendships and future partnerships!


Score said...

Love the pics! And thank you both so much for a great weekend. Can't wait for the wedding! Love you both!

Kylie said...

Fun and exhausting :)

Kylie said...

by the way, not impressed with that photo of the three of us - not nice of you to use the one we took before I sucked my gut in.

jack said...

Wow!!! What a great joke. I would have been laughing so hard I'm am sure I would have crapped my pants. I am laughing right now just picturing amanda's reaction.