Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Numbers Are In

And here are the numbers from Mattie Jane's 4-month well visit...(drum roll, please)...

Weight:  16 lbs. 1 oz. (90%)
Height:  25 3/4 in. (95%)
Head Circumference:  44 cm (95+%)
(*Mattie Jane also rolled over for the first time a few days ago)

We might as well just make a recording and save the doctor her breath because without fail she always walks in and says, "Wow - what a big girl."  She then makes it clear that "big" does not mean "fat," but rather she is well proportioned.

I'm not sure if I should actually write this for fear that I might be jinxing myself, but it seems like a good time - so...Mattie Jane seems to finally be a happy girl.  Whatever has been bothering her for the past 4 months may have finally relieved/outgrown itself.  A fluke?  Maybe.  But I am literally jumping with joy over this miraculous change.

I switched MJ to formula last week thinking that maybe she was highly sensitive to something I was eating.  And I'm not gonna lie - breastfeeding was becoming troublesome due to three breast infections and having to exclusively pump, so the switch was not compromised by my own reluctance.

After a couple days she was spitting up more than ever and was extremely fussy.  She was inconsolable for at least 36 hours.  It was possible that the formula was aggravating her reflux since we discontinued the Zantac the doctor prescribed her at her 2 month well visit (the Zantac didn't seem to have an effect on her either way while breastfeeding so I stopped giving it to her after a month).  I decided to start giving her the Zantac again hoping it would provide some relief.  Within 24 hours I noticed an improvement.  After 48 hours, not only had the spitting up improved, but Mattie's demeanor did a 180.  For the past five days we have seen nothing but smiles - unless of course she's hungry, tired or has a dirty diaper - the normal baby reasons.  I'm crossing my fingers this trend continues.

There.  I said it.  Now, please don't let this be a cruel joke.


EmWalker said...

Aww! Amanda, she is so cute. I had to exclusively pump too because Ella never latched on and it consumed my life for 6 1/2 months. I am glad she is taking formula well for you now. What a releif that must be!

Score said...

Hope the happiness continues!