Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Funny Valentine

I always loved Valentine's Day as a kid.  I remember getting so excited writing the names of each kid in my class on a silly card.  Usually the card said something generic like "Be My Valentine" or  simply "Happy Valentine's Day" and I would have to be very careful who received which card.  God forbid if a boy received the "Be My Valentine" card.  Immediately rumors would swirl around about who I had a crush on and that was completely mortifying for a 10 year old.  That's what I get for passing out lame, store-bought valentines I guess.

To set the precedence I made the decision to go homemade this year with Evan's class.  I have no idea if this is something he'll buy into every year hereafter, but I'm gonna at least try and plant that seed.  I came across some cute ideas on Made that I thought would be perfect for a fun group of two year olds.

First, Evan and I made M&M-filled hearts.

Evan colored the back of each heart and helped me fill them with M&Ms.  Our pile of M&Ms was disappearing quickly due to a sneaky someone who was eating them just as quickly as we were filling up the hearts.  Of course I bought extra for just that reason.  Kids are so predictable.

We also made a Valentine card for each classmate.  No SpongeBob.  No Lightening McQueen.  We went way cooler than that...

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Score said...

Look at you being all creative. I love them, especially the photo cards!