Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reporting from the Doctor's Office

We made a visit to the doctor's office today for Mattie Jane's six month well visit.  She is growing and developing just as she should, but the doctor did point out one little thing to keep our eye on over the next few months.

It seems that Mattie's frenulum linguae (that strand that connects the bottom of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) is positioned more up front than usual.  The doctor says there is currently nothing to worry about if she is eating from a spoon and drinking from a bottle with out any issues (she is).  As Mattie begins to say words, however, such as mama and dada, that is when we need to listen for any potential speech problems.  If anything of concern like that does present itself the doctor said it is an easy "fix."  She will have to have the frenulum snipped which will simply shorten the extension of her tongue.  Robert actually had the exact same procedure done when he was a kid.

Other than that - here are the numbers:

Weight:  18 lbs. 11 oz. (93%)
Height:  27 in. (90%)
Head Circumference:  45 3/4cm (95+%)

Mattie Jane also had three vaccinations today:(  But she was a trooper.  I love her so much.



Anonymous said...

JW's son had that too "tongue-tied"..it didn't affect him at all till he was about 15 and he couldn't open his mouth all the way - quick trip to the ENT, snip snip and all done.
Isn't what we inherit from our parents some times a strange thing!
You have such beautiful children!
Love ya! Michele & JW

Amanda said...

That's exactly what the doc said - "quick trip to the ENT." I'm assuming because of Robert's result, Mattie will have to make that trip. Genetics are crazy, for sure. Love you, Michele.