Monday, April 4, 2011


Robert has been hard at work preparing for the opening of Wonder Works.  This weekend they had a soft opening allowing visitors to pop in and check out some of what was complete at a discounted rate.  The grand opening is today at noon (good luck, babe!).

Spending the weekend alone is not really my preference, but I realized after looking through my phone this morning that I don't let Robert miss much of what we're doing while he is away.  Our trips to Target, our adventures in the backyard and even our musical experiences in the car (this one is a real treat) are recorded and then sent to Dada via my Blackberry.  While I'm sure Robert enjoys our heartfelt messages, most of what I send is for my own amusement and entertainment.  It's my way of having an adult to communicate with.

Trips to the Store

Backyard Adventures

Lounging Around

Listening to Music in the Car
(Observe how Evan becomes possessed by the song - mouth and eyes get really weird)

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Score said...

That's a really funny video! I can't believe Wonderworks is open. Time flies.