Friday, April 8, 2011

What Did You Say?

I've been asking Evan this question a lot lately. While socializing with kids his own age has been the best experience for him thus far, Evan is learning and retaining more than what is listed on his weekly lesson plan.

Now we are assuming of course that Evan is picking up these sayings and words from the other kids in his class because we don't ever say these things at home.
  • As he's sitting on the couch with no underwear he looks down and touches his thang and says, "Evan has a BIG wee wee!  See, Mama?" (how typical, right?)
  • I ask Evan to sit with Mattie while I make his breakfast.  He begins to whine and says, "No, I'm sick of Mattie."
  • Evan hears a noise and looks at me and says, "Ew Mama, you farted."
We are very much aware that this could be a lot worse, but he is only 2 1/2.  I don't even want to imagine what he's repeating at 5 years old.  We have certainly learned to be very careful about what we say, even to one another when we think he's not listening - because this kid is always listening.


Clark Family Blog said...

That's too funny. Jaxson is 7 and the other day I was playing a video game with Kyle,and the kids were upstairs. I got killed, and said 'son of a biscuit" ( we have VERY creative words, for BAD words ever since my 1 year old said $HIT to our preacher one Sunday.) Jaxson walked over to tell me " I know what you wanted to say" and I said I said what I wanted to say. He then replied you wanted to say ( and he paused to SPELL out the word in his head) B*I*T*C*H. MY jaw DROPPED TO THE FLOOR, and I said " where did you hear that word" to which he replied "I hear it everywhere, school, walmart, kroger's, the park, you name it I heard it"

Amanda said...

Faith - so funny! It's probably a lost cause to think our kids won't be saying inappropriate things, but we can at least do our best at home not to condone it.

Kylie said...

Noah has said #1 too , ha!

Score said...

I'm crackin' up right now. That's hilarious!