Sunday, April 10, 2011

Table Talk

We ate lunch today at our favorite spot, the Prince Creek Diner.  We are always warmly welcomed by the friendly staff there and all of the waitresses know Evan by name.  There is one waitress in particular that always makes a point to swing by our table to say hi and to chat Evan up a bit.  I'm thinking today she got more than she bargained for...

Sabrina approached the table and said, "Well hello there, Evan.  How are you today?"  A visibally tired Evan gave a quiet nod and hid behind Robert's arm.  We explained to her that we found Evan in the living room at 4:30 this morning playing with his cars and that he had not been back to sleep since.  Sabrina looked at Evan and smiled and said, "Well you must be a very tired little boy, huh?"  Evan looked up at her and said very matter of factly, "I pooped on the floor!"  Robert and I looked at each other and just died laughing.  Sabrina acted like she didn't hear a thing and said, "Y'all sure do have cute kids" and then casually walked away.

We've rehashed this moment several times already today just to get another good laugh.

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Score said...

Oh my lord, that's hilarious. I love that kid!