Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Springtime in NC

Robert planned a four day trip to Georgetown over the weekend so I took the opportunity to visit my parents during that time.  They met us in Florence where we did a switcheroo as we headed north and Robert headed back south.

I realized just how much I miss North Carolina in the spring as we drove past the beautiful pear trees in full bloom, one after another.  They literally took my breath away.  With spring definitely comes a sense of renewal and a surge of energy and positivity.  It felt so good to be back and experience the nostalgia of home.

Experiencing home also means visiting with some of my favorite people.  Evan and I spent Sunday afternoon with the Farrells - Sarah, Dan and Dylan.  Unfortunately Evan woke up on the wrong side of the crib so instead of a smiling face like I had hoped, Evan gave us all his infamous scowl for the majority of the day.  Dylan did her best to engage Evan and cheer him up, but even a double dose of delight couldn't alter his mood.  Evan could've totally scored a girlfriend if he had dropped that attitude of his.  Maybe he'll win her over on their next date.  They'll have the romantic setting of the Outer Banks in their favor.

Evan had a great weekend with Mimi and Papa too.  I think my dad read all ten of Evan's books at least a dozen times in a row as Evan made his demands very clear.  "Again!"  "Another one!"  My dad knew every word to Paul the Police Car and Felix the Fire Engine by the time we left on Tuesday.  And Mimi of course remains a favorite because where else will Evan get to chow down on cookies and candies until his heart's content?  Grandparents have it so easy. 

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