Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mama's Boy

I'm still digging through all the family pictures that I acquired not too long ago.  Many people have made comments about how much Evan looks like me as a child.  For awhile I thought Evan favored Robert more, simply because of the eyes, but after seeing so many pictures of me at his age I have completely changed my mind on that.  I think Evan looks so much like me as a child it's scary.  Genetics never cease to amaze me.

This is me

This last one I could easily mistaken myself for Evan.  The lovely mullet hanging so nicely down my neck does a good job de-feminizing me  - don't ya think?

I think Evan will begin to look more like Robert as he grows into a little boy - but for now - you can definitely see he's an Evans!


Sarah said...

No kidding.

Kylie said...

that's insane. he's your clone.

Score said...

Yeah. The one in the high chair is crazy!