Thursday, January 14, 2010

18 Month Check-Up

Evan had his 18 month check-up today.  I could quickly sum it up by saying he is still huge and healthy, but what's the fun in that?  As far as percentages go, he is 83% in height at 33 1/2", 97% in weight at 32.4 lbs and 98% in head circumference at just shy of 20".  The nurse is responsible for taking all of the measurements which is why I was curious when Dr. Sahai measured Evan's head again.  He kinda mumbled under his breath, "yeah, she measured it correctly" as if he thought her measurement was off.  I asked him if there was a problem - he laughed and said he just figured his head growth would start tapering off.  I again had to describe to him the big melon that sits upon my dads' shoulders.  I said, "Picture the Ohio State mascot."  I think he understood at that point.

Dr. Sahai informed me that the National Board of Pediatrics suggests that you do not give your child peanut butter until age 4.  Evan was devouring a PB&J as he shared this bit of info with me.  I totally played it off like I knew that already, but he's no fool.  In fact, he rattled off several other suggestions that he thought maybe I should know, such as no shellfish or swimming until age 4.  Well, let's see - guilty and guilty.  I never said I deserved the Mother of the Year award.  And besides, Evan likes all of the above.   No harm, no foul - right?

We  talked about social development the majority of the visit.  My doctor strongly suggests to start socializing Evan as much as possible at this point.  He said we will notice an explosion as far as vocabulary goes and his behavior will be affected as well - positively.  Kids learn a great deal from other kids their same age.  He explained that manners are learned easier and displayed more often from kids who are more socialized.  This is also true for showing frustration and dealing with frustration.  Socialized children are less likely to throw tantrums and misbehave if they are able to see other children "doing the right thing."  Dr. Sahai finally broke it down by simply saying, "You don't want to be that parent with the bratty kid that none of the other kids/parents want to be around."  This is very true.  I begin my search tomorrow for local moms with 18 month olds that want to play.  This should be interesting.

And, in conclusion, Evan had another booster shot.  He didn't even cry this time.  But, sadly, I did.  What's wrong with that picture?


Gina said...

Ummm...can you find me a playgroup too while you are at it? We left numerous ones and now have nothing. far away are we from each other? Too far to meet in the middle for weekly child socialization lol??? :)

Amanda said...

Gina - I emailed you about playgroup stuff.

Score said...

You should see if a local church has a "mother's morning out" program. You could get some work done, too. Glad Evan will have plenty of room for all those brains.