Thursday, January 21, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friends

Just like the doctor ordered - we totally socialized today.  I made the commitment to take Evan to "Toddler Time" at the public library on Thursdays.  Our first day proved to be necessary.

While the other kids waited for the class to start, either in their moms' laps or remaining close by, Evan chose to hang out on the outside of the circle running back and forth between the exit doors.  It didn't bother me necessarily considering this was probably equivalent to Disney Land to him, but I did feel that slight hint of embarassment - the one that Dr. Sahai warned me about, remember?  I glanced around to see if any other mothers were giving me "the look."  Turns out, I was just being paranoid.  Once the music started Evan cheerfully made his way back to the group.

The kids danced to the music while the mothers sang nursery rhymes and made silly gestures.  Evan roamed around checking every one out.  Occasionally he would try stealing another kid's snack or sippy cup - but other than that he was acting appropriately (YES! double fist pumps).  He really began having a lot of fun.  He played peek-a-boo with the little girl sitting beside us.  Very funny.

Boxes were brought out full of homemade moroccas, sidewalk chalk, rubber toys and plastic DINOSAURS.  Oh, great.  Here we go.  I was about to go ahead and tell the other mothers to keep their kids away from the dinosaur box unless they wanted to see a complete meltdown.  Amazingly, Evan handled it just fine.  Not to say he didn't monopolize that particular box, but he didn't use any vocal or physical force to keep others away.  I was proud.

Of course instruments were brought out for the kids to shake and bang as they were encouraged to walk around in a circle.  Evan again chose to do his own thing.  He refused the instrument and instead began picking up the pieces of carpet the mothers use to sit on and piled them on top of each other in the middle of the floor.  He's used to playing alone - what can I say?

I was beginning to think that it wasn't going to take much to get Evan used to the world around him - that is, with other people in it.  But when it was time to put all the toys away that thought was completely erased from my mind.  Putting the dinosaurs away brought on the most ridiculous display of screaming and crying that I always fear - and of course he was acting alone which made it that much worse.  I had to pull him away and get all things dinosaur out of his sight.  All the other mothers gave me that sympathetic smile - the one where you know they're thinking thank god that's not my child.

Nonetheless, I was proud of Evan today.  He may not have great social skills, but one thing he's certainly not lacking is personality - and you gotta love that.  I know I do!


Kylie said...

I'm so proud of Evan - it's not easy adjusting to other little rugrats. and great pictures.

Score said...

awww....of course he piled up the carpet squares. They needed to be organized!