Monday, January 4, 2010

The Running Housewife

This was a story published in my hometown paper, The Pilot, almost 29 years ago.  The person of interest in this story is my mom, Kathy, spelled with a "K," not a "C."  She would want that clarified immediately.

I found this article thrown in with a bunch of family pictures that I stole from my parent's house the last time I visited. (Don't worry, mom, I will take special care of them.)  At first glance I laughed because every picture I see of my mom with her four small children, a 5 year old and three toddlers, seems so completely insane. Each time I wonder how in the world did she survive that?  Trust me - I'm not so sure she even knows.

As noted in the article, she began running to "get a refreshing change from her daily routine" - code for to get as far away from the chaos as possible!  I imagine as soon as my dad got home from work she was already dressed and literally running out the door.  I know I would've been - hell, I would've been sprinting.

What started as a hobby became more of a sport for my mom.  Running one mile, turned into five miles which soon turned into 10 miles.  Her training quickly escalated and she had the ultimate goal in mind - a marathon.  Competing in numerous road races and finishing a handful of marathons over the years, my mom has sense hung up her running shoes.  But it's time to pass the baton.

Don't get too excited - there are no marathons in my future.  But I am running in a 5K on March 13th in honor of my mom.  She is battling breast cancer for the second time.  The Susan G. Komen Foundation is having their 26th annual Race for the Cure fundraiser where thousands of people come out to support the fight against breast cancer.  I have put together a team that will run under the team name, Kathy's Kure.  We are currently recruiting members for our team and are hoping to gain support through donations from our friends and loved ones and any one who wants to support our cause. To make a donation please visit our team page. 

My mom is planning to attend the event - if she's willing to run, I'm not too sure yet.  I'll have to talk a little trash to motivate her, but if running is not in the cards then walking is completely acceptable.  Please come out and join us if you can - if not, please support our cause by making a donation.  Any little bit helps.

And Mom, allow me to toot your horn for you - check out the impressive time my mom got in the '84 New York Marathon.  She ran it 5 minutes slower in '85.  Just blame it on the kids - we don't mind.  



Kylie said...

Kick ass!

Kylie said...

By the way, the three toddlers look like multiple little Evan Stinnetts sitting there!!

Sarah said...

This is so f-ing awesome, and Kylie is right there are multiple Evans sitting there. I hope Kathy runs and I can't decide if I am pissed that you are gonna run and be fit or if I want to be supportive?

Oh what the hell I'll just be supportive

Amanda said...

Sarah - just because I'm gonna run doesn't mean I'm gonna be fit.

Score said...

You just had to go and run didn't you!? Well I'll break out the Nike plus and give it a shot, too. Kathy has inspired me!

Timothy said...

Rock on Mom!!! Great post. All my friends are impressed. Her times destroyed two guys in the office!!