Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Wildebeest

Baby number two is definitely a hot topic around here.  I'm finally to the point that when I hold another infant I can feel that maternal yearning for another one.  Six months ago I probably would've thought twice about even holding another infant.  Let's face it - the infant stage was not a great experience for me the first time around.  Evan literally made me question whether motherhood was right for me.  His incessant crying for 5 months about put me over the edge.  But I survived it - barely. 

Even though I think I'm ready now, we have decided to wait until this summer to try for bambino numero dos. We're hoping to enjoy one last family vacation before I have to keep reminding myself of what I should and shouldn't be eating.  I've been really happy with that decision - so happy that I've already been brainstorming baby names again.  I was even looking at maternity clothes online.


This picture is enough to make me want to wait ten years for another baby.  I'm only referring to the right half of the picture.  Robert and Evan are perfecto - Me?  Well, as Jonathan so eloquently and lovingly said, "God, Amanda, you look like a friggin' wildebeest!"  I can't really deny it.  I guess that's what an extra 50 lbs. will get me.  It's not the worry of losing the extra weight.  I lost all of my weight and more within a year.  But I'd rather be proud of my hospital pictures and not look like a wild animal from Africa.

Maybe this picture needs to go up on the refrigerator to be a constant reminder NOT to eat an entire bag of Oreos in one sitting.  I'm making my vow right now - you are all my witnesses - I will gain a "healthy" amount of weight with baby #2.  There's not much I can do about the swelling, so the fat feet are inevitable.

I asked Robert this morning, "How could you even stand looking at me like that?"  You know what his response was?  He laughed.  Point taken.


Score said...

Whoa! You didn't seem to look like that in person. Glad you're still waiting til after vacation.

Kylie said...

you look beautiful. there is something I really like about seeing new mom pictures from the hospital. It's like a well deserved kind of exhaustion and happiness all at once.

Amanda said...

Inscore - I've never been Miss Photogenic so pushing out a 9+ lb. baby certainly didn't help me in that department.

dixie bopp said...

Since I know what you went through having Evan, I am surprised you are even able to smile. Let everyone else so through that and see if they look good. You were beautiful.