Thursday, March 18, 2010

Germ Invasion

After almost 21 months the inevitable finally happened. Evan has come down with his very first cold.  Pretty unbelievable, huh?  Other than some wheezing issues a few months ago, this goes down in the books as his first sickness.  And I'm not really enjoying the change.

Due to his inability to breathe, Evan only managed a half hour nap yesterday and woke up twice last night crying.  I felt so bad for the little guy because, no matter how old you are, not being able to breathe just plain sucks.  He also picked up a pretty bad cough which of course worsens when you're lying down.  Evan's love for sleep is being messed with in the worst way - and he's clearly very frustrated.

I'm hoping in a few days we'll all be back to normal - we just have to figure out a way for Robert to leave all those germs back at the restaurant.


Sarah said...

1 ml of benadryl (according to my pediatrician) at night will help and a humidifier during naps and nighttime sleep.
Motrin is the best fever reducer in my opinion.
Other Moms might disagree, ok scrap the might, other Moms always disagree.

Kylie said...

I can't say enough wonderful things about motrin....

Score said...

Hope it wasn't our germy house that caused the cold.