Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Starvin' Marvin'

I committed a long time ago to eating healthy and maintaining a reasonable weight during my second pregnancy.  The fact that I want to eat my own arm off every minute of the day certainly doesn't help in my quest.  I am so incredibly hungry ALL the time.  It's quite annoying actually.  My stomach is literally growling 10 minutes after I eat a meal.   I've tried eating fruit or popcorn or even cereal to satisfy the hunger pangs just so I won't be consuming a million calories per day - but none of these options are doing the trick.  So of course I'm trying to convince myself to just eat and make sure to exercise to make up for the extra calories.  Riiiiiight!  We all know that the intention is always good, but the reality - not so much.  And this example should sum that statement up real quick - I've been planning my exercise schedule out in my head:  jog with the jogging stroller 3 times a day and do my yoga sessions at night.  Well, the fact that my jogging stroller has been sitting in the foyer for several weeks with deflated tires kinda throws a wrench in my plan.  And my yoga sessions have been replaced by web surfing and catching up on recorded tv shows.  Have I done anything to fix this problem?  Negatory.

I see you, dreaded 49 lbs. from last pregnancy!  But I still have time to hide, right?


Clark Family Blog said...

I just read an interesting paper, on 'filling foods" here is the link. I know it says for 'dieters' which I know your not, but still good info.


Amanda said...

Thanks, Faith. I feel like eating everything on that list! ha!