Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gum on Cart

Several times a day you'll hear me ask Evan what he has in his mouth.  And he's really good about spitting out whatever it is he's working on when asked.  I'm actually fortunate that he doesn't ever put random objects in his mouth, but rather only things resembling food.  And we all know what that resemblance has been in the past.

We were in Publix yesterday doing a little gro gro shopping.  Evan loves riding in the carts that double as a car.  He turns that steering wheel as though he's really going places - and does the sound effects the entire time too.  It really is adorable.  In the midst of my aisle browsing I noticed Evan was moving something around in his mouth.  I held out my hand and asked him to spit out whatever it was he was chewing. At first I couldn't make out what it was, but after further inspection I realized that Evan was chewing GUM!  Gum!??  Where in the world did he get gum?

To those of you who are guilty of sticking your gum to the underside of a table - shame on you.  There's no telling who was the original owner of that piece of gum that was stuck to the inside of the cart - but there is no doubt that they have a new spit brother.  And I'll just convince myself this was an effort to build up Evan's immune system.

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