Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tournament Time

It's a sad, sad year in basketball for me when I have no other choice but to root for Tennessee in the NCAA tournament (sorry to my Tennessee clan - nothing personal).  But I will add with much excitement that I hope they go ALL - THE - WAY!  With top-rated teams falling left and right I honestly think TN has just as good of a chance as anyone.  I could kick myself for not putting them through further on my bracket.  I guess it doesn't really matter considering my bracket is completely jacked thanks to Georgetown, Cornell, Villanova and Kansas.  Not even into the Sweet Sixteen games yet and two of my final four are already knocked out.  So much for a perfect bracket and $10,000.

I still have to give Carolina some props (even though I witnessed the most pathetic season ever played in my lifetime) for finally showing up to play basketball - even if it is the NIT.  For the first time this season I''ve actually been engaged in each game.  I sprung up off the couch cheering a few times today which is a far cry from what I was doing during the regular season.  Let's just say my cheering was more like spelling out profanities with a great deal of emotion - for Evan's sake of course.

Are Tennessee/Carolina dual tournament titles possible?  That would be pretty incredible, but then again, Robert would be completely intolerable.  I guess I could give him one title.  That just means Carolina football has to step it up a notch.

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