Sunday, March 14, 2010

Race for the Cure

Amanda and I were among 10,000 participants on Saturday who were "racing for the cure."  The hurricane-like weather I drove through to get to Fort Myers moved out of the area just in time for the early morning event.  It was a beautiful day - sunny, maybe 72 degrees.  Perfect.

We ran the majority of the race, but I chose to walk some because I was a little nervous about overdoing it - considering I did zero training for this race I thought it best not to traumatize my little kumquat growing inside.  Amanda and I felt accomplished nonetheless.  We made a point to at least beat the old man who managed to pass us while we walked.  Even with an obvious hip problem, this man - probably in his mid 70's - was full throttle the entire race.  If it was a power walking race he would've won - no doubt.  We actually sprinted the last .2 miles just to catch up with him and beat him.  I haven't yet decided if we should be embarrassed or proud.

We raised $1,000 for Kathy's Kure which will benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Thank you to those of you who supported us in this event.  I have a lot of personal attachment to this cause and I hope our dedication will one day prove to be worthy.

This was for you, Mom & you, Grandma, & you, Aunt Ruthy.  Survivors.  I love you.

Check out the News-Press gallery for more pictures.


Kylie said...

so proud!

Michele said...

Your Mom is a survivor Amanda!
I love your family so very much.
I am proud of you!
"Auntie M"